Assorbenti Giorno con Ali in Cotone Certificato 100% Biologico. 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON - No chemicals, pesticides, or toxic materials; just pure natural cotton. Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, Leona Brava pads are clinically proven to respect sensitive skin
The best organic cotton day pads with wings, 100% certified organic cotton pads
Leona Brava Assorbenti Giorno con Ali in Cotone Certificato 100% Biologico, Il cotone biologico rispetta la pelle e l'ambiente, ed è anche più morbido e confortevole
Leona Brava Organic Cotton day pads, made by 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON BOTH on the TOPSHEET and also in the absorbent core
Il cotone bio degli assorbenti igienici Leona Brava è sbiancato senza cloro. Ogni assorbente è piegato e confezionato singolarmente in bustine derivate dall' amido di mais.
Leona Brava Organic Cotton Pads, Ultra Thin Period Pads with Wings, Super Absorbency, The Best Organic Cotton pads | plastic-free
I nostri assorbenti sono traspiranti e non contengono cloro, profumi o additivi chimici.
Gli assorbenti igienici Leona Brava sono realizzati in cotone 100% biologico. Il cotone è altamente traspirante e rispetta il naturale pH della pelle. Sono molto confortevoli e naturalmente assorbenti.
Gli assorbenti Leona Brava sono ipoallergenici e prevengono l'irritazione della pelle. Sono adatti per ogni donna, soprattutto per le donne con problemi di pelle sensibile associati all'uso di assorbenti convenzionali senza cotone.
Gli assorbenti Leona Brava sono ipoallergenici e prevengono l'irritazione della pelle.  Il 99% delle donne che hanno utilizzato assorbenti igienici di Leona Brava ha riscontrato una diminuzione dell'irritazione della pelle

Day Pads with Wings

The Confident Lioness pads with wings have a 100% organic cotton lining that will keep you super dry. They are designed to make you feel comfortable, like any other day, whatever you want to do. With maximum comfort and reliability, without rashes or itching.

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Customer Reviews

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Leggeri, comodi e senza cattivo odore

In momenti particolari di ipersensibilità o caldo, io abbia bisogno di assorbenti leggeri, con rivestimento in cotone, che mi diano freschezza soprattutto d'estate. In questo caso la mia scelta è sempre Leona Brava, un assorbente che, risulta delicato sulla pelle, morbido e assorbente nel modo che mi è necessario durante il ciclo.

Worth it

My vagina is very sensitive and even the slightest thing can mess up my PH and bacteria, I feel Leona Brava's organic pads make my cramps less painful, and also help keep my ph level balanced. (no more bad smell down there!)

Angela schumacher
Sehr zufrieden!

Endlich eine Damenbinde wie ich sie mir seit Jahren wünsche.
Die Dinger tragen sich super angenehm auf der empfindlichen Haut und sind sehr aufnahmefähig.
Klebestreifen halten sehr gut auch bei Belastung.

Ana Sofía
Great quality and super soft!

I’m so happy that there are finally good and REAL organic cotton feminine products available. I stopped using Always and Kotex years ago because I noticed I had worse menstrual pains when using them. I had no idea it was because they weren’t organic and it was from the toxins in the cotton.

These work perfectly and don’t cause the pain of traditional brands. I will absolutely purchase these again because I love pure organic cotton on my skin, much more comfortable and gives me peace of mind too!

Hannah H
The most comfortable menstrual products I ever wore!

I purchased both the pads and liners from this brand. I was pleasantly surprised with how well they both worked. The liner was light and comfortable, but also very absorbent. I love that they are free of plastic and harsh chemicals!

Esterno in cotone biologico certificato e 100% ipoallergenico.

Nucleo extra assorbente in cotone biologico certificato.

Adesivo Mater-Bi, biologico, super aderente e 100% compostabile.

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Confident, like all other days.

Face every day of your period with a smile, you won't be the only one doing it, your lady parts will smile too!

A very thin pad, in pure GOTS and ICEA certified organic cotton, without any toxins or plastics, for days without any itching or rashes.

A Petal on your Skin

Only 100% organic cotton allows your skin to breathe and protects you from uncomfortable itching and rashes.

Let's Hear your Rrrroar

To always feel confident and 100% feminine on any occasion, every single day of the month!

A few days and… Poof!

Fully biodegradable. It means you throw them in the organic and after 90 days ... poof! All traces are gone.

Have you ever worn a feather?

Designed to be comfortable, so comfortable they feel invisible. You wear them and forget about them. Simple!

produced in italy with 💖 and care